About Julien Plumart

“I believe that the quest for perfection is like a long love affair, it is only after years of hard work, challenging yourself everyday and leaving your ego to one side that you become a true master."


Julien Plumart


How it all started

Beginning his career at an early age, under the watchful eye of his father, Julien embarked on his quest for perfection. Over the last 20 years, Julien has trained and worked in top establishments; from his Master Degree at the Yssingeaux High National Pastry School  to ‘L’Ecole de la Patisserie Lenotre Paris, for his advanced macaron training and years of experience, including training and working alongside renowned Chef Raymond Blanc or Sylvain Humbert in St Tropez


Juliens life has been filled with wonderful experiences; his heady childhood memories of lazy summer days running around French fields with his friends filling their bellies with wild apples and cherries, making apple tarts with his father in their restaurant, Sunday lunches with his family with homemade smoked salmon and freshly baked bread, visiting his godmothers 4 star hotel and secretly watching the chefs produce astonishing patisserie and cakes and working with some of the best patisserie chefs France has to offer. It is these pleasurable moments that create Juliens signature style. Each one of his creations is a culmination of his memories, experiences, deep seated desire for perfection; all with their very own story to tell.



Where the Magic Happens

In 2008, Julien opened his first business Cocoa Patisserie –now Julien Plumart Café- a relaxed Parisian inspired cafe oozing with French charm and character. Soon proving very popular, coupled with a growing demand to supply French patisserie to local businesses, Julien employed a team of highly skilled chefs and opened his wholesale kitchen in 2010. Now the hub of where the magic happens.


Wanting to take his talent that step further too truly showcase his artistry and inject a little fun and ingenuity into his creations, Julien opened Julien Plumart Boutique Et Salon De The, 27 Dukes, Street, Brighton. A luxurious Patisserie Boutique bestowing his signature creations, full of exotic colours and sumptuous flavour combinations that arouse the sense, open the eyes to beauty and launches you into Parisian heaven in one single bite. Here you will find his delectable 18 signature macarons, an amazing selection of cakes, tarts and much more.


"Brighton’s, perhaps Britain’s, finest French patissier,  Julien Plumart creates delicate and beautiful macaroons, often using tea as an ingredient, it’s definitely worth stopping for a cup of tea and a perfectly matched macaroon. ”


- Henrietta Lovell, The Rare Tea Company


Julien takes time honoured traditions and classic flavour combinations and injects creativity, fun and ingenuity into all that he does. Continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, whether you visit Julien Plumart Cafe et Patisserie or the Boutique Et Salon De The you can expect to see new and unique culinary delights on a regular basis.


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